For many years I’ve prided myself in keeping my business, personal & physical issues 👔💼👞 in my prayer journal & with my soul mate👦. That’s what was instilled in my mind since childhood. What happens at home; Stays at home🏚️. Plus, as a Christian Counselor and all the degrees I’ve earned; I convinced myself that I had to be perfect and had to keep my business to myself. Really?😲😁


“Let your request be known, where two or three are gathered together…” Well, I eagerly shared a prayer request 4 years ago and confidence was violated. How? In the name of: “Hey, we need to pray for Shannon. She is going through….” Then, one discussed everything in detail in the name of “I have a friend👭…” Well, you know how it played out. From sister one to brother two. Then, you end up being the sermon next Sunday.


Today, I truly stand in the need of prayer. I’ve prayed through all I can do on my own. 😭😭😭 I’ve been spending 40 days at the foot of the cross ☦☦☦. Studying and walking in Mary’s shoes. Gaining insight on how she felt as a mom to see her son, Jesus, tormented and crucified. 😭 I’m weary in spirit. I’m drained emotionally. Today, I’ve asked, “Why has God forsaken me?” “Why won’t he heal me so I can get back into the ministry?” Why?


Yes, I know healing can come in many forms. From being healed and carrying out your ministry. Or, meeting Jesus face to face.

Here goes. Laying. It. All. Out. There. According to my doctor🏨💉💊:

😭My body is “eat up” ( her words) with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Well, I didn’t need a blood 💉🅾️ test to know.
😭Spinal Stenosis
😭Degenerative Disc Disease
😭Knee Replacement Gone bad
😭 3 back surgeries
😭3 ruptured disc in my neck. Surgery March 27, 2018
😭Heart AFib
😭And, a few more…


PRAYER WARRIORS: I believe that God isn’t finished with me. There’s still work for me to do. I believe in healing and I’m asking you to let’s pray through together. I can’t believe I’m doing this!!!😲😲😲


Surgery😲 is March 27 and I’m very nervous. I need that peace that passeth all understanding.


During my back surgery, June 30, 2017, I stopped breathing😨 (another story; another time). Please pray that I receive peace, God will guide the surgeon’s hands, a successful surgery and complete healing.


Yes, I did it! I’ve asked for prayer 🙏🙏🙏🙏 WOW! PROGRESS!!😲😲😲😁😁😁😇😇😇

About drshannonrobinson

Life Coach, Education Consultant, Christian Counselor, Behavior Specialist for Children and Teens with Emotional/Behavioral/ADHD, Wife, Momma, Sister, Love Reading, Gardening, Cooking, Home Decor, Beach, Travel Adventures, PUBLISHED CHILDREN'S BOOK: The Adventures of Katie Koala: Oops! My Momma is Lost
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